What Goes Into a High Quality Image

Training and Experience
I’ve photographed art exclusively for the past 30 years: painting, sculpture, and installations — for museums, galleries, artists, and collectors.
My clients appreciate the high-quality reproduction, accuracy, and fast service that I provide.
Before I studied photography, I trained as a painter, so I capture artwork with an artist’s eye and sensibility.
I have the professional experience and the equipment to document any subject — from the smallest detail in a pen-and-ink sketch, to an aerial view of an environmental sculpture.

The Right Combination of Camera and Lens
I pay close attention to detail, and I find that elusive balance between faithful color and rich texture.
Since sharpness, clarity, and legibility are critical factors, a high-quality lens combined with the correct camera for a project gives the best results.

Advanced Lighting Techniques
Good lighting is an art in itself — and half the secret to creating a great image.
You need a photographer who can light your work for detail, texture, and color fidelity. Lighting your artwork well shows it to its greatest advantage.

Large File Size
Resolution plus image size equals file size, and the file size determines how much visual information about your work is contained in the resulting image. The amount of information in a file affects how much the image can be enlarged before the details break up into pixels (a field of dots).

Keeping Up With Changes
Digital technology changes rapidly. I keep up with equipment changes and always use the right equipment for your particular job.


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