Prices are determined by file size.* (See “The Benefits of High-Resolution Digital Files” below.)

$20.00 to $40.00 for TIFF file 35MB 75MB

$45.00 to $70.00 for TIFF file 80MB -150MB

$75.00 to $140 .00 for Tiff file 155MB-300MB

4×5 Transparencies

2-dimensional: (SET OF 2 4x5s) $60.00

3-dimensional: (SET OF 2 4x5s) $70.00

8×10 Transparencies

2-dimensional: 1st $110 additional $70.00

3-dimensional: 1st $140 additional $90.00


I deliver files through yousendit or provide them on disk.

Day rates are available for larger projects. Please discuss when booking job.

Travel fees for long distance assignments will be discussed when the job is booked.

Visa and MasterCard, checks, and cash are accepted.


*The Benefits of High Resolution Digital Files
Images are best stored as TIFF files, which can then be converted to JPEGs if needed. If you know exactly what you’ll use the image for, I will advise you as to the proper file size and format to use. What will give you the most options—in case your needs for the image change over time (book or catalog, grant application, archival use, website)—is a high-resolution large-size TIFF file, because it can always be converted to a JPEG and/or a smaller-size file. A low-resolution small-size JPEG file can’t be converted to a high-resolution large-size TIFF file.

The combination of resolution and image size equals the file size, and the file size determines how much visual information about your work is contained in the resulting image. The amount of information in a file affects how much the image can be enlarged before the details break up into pixels (a field of dots).

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